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Main Characters

Ammika Channing


First appeared in; Comic #1

Short Description: A nerd for both American and Japanese media, Ammika is the comic's creator and main character to boot. She often drags her friends into adventures, if only because she knows her comic needs entertainment.

Tagline: The Adorable oxymoron!

Position: Main Character

Age: 14-19

Birthday: April 18th

Gender: Female

Personality: Hyper, Maternal, Inquisitive, Smart-Aleck, and Authoritative

Ailment[s]: Short Attention Span, and- ooh look at that over there!

Likes/Interests: Hypnotism, Snack foods and Shotas, especially her sidekick Inferno. (Note that her definition of 'shota' is more akin to 'all cute boys ever' than tvtrope's, as Inferno is technically done with... hedgehog puberty, or something like that.)

Dislikes: Socks, Boredom and Boring Socks

Power Source: Her golden locket/Locket

Weakness: N/A (Because I'm not telling you)

Useless Fact: She considers herself really good at designing cute clothes, even though she'd never wear them herself so long as she has people to make wear them instead.




First appeared in; Comic #2, Panel 2

Short Description: Rather naive for his age, Inferno is an anthropomorphic hedgehog [or "hedgie hybrid", as Ammika calls him] Who pretends to be a lot braver and more serious than he really is. He's book-smart and interested in robotics, and also has a habit of pointing out the stupidity of other's statements even though he's not trying to offend.

Position: Ammika's current sidekick

Age: 16 Physically/Mentally, Almost 3 Chronologically

Birthday: August 21st

Gender: Male

Personality: Determined, Helpful, Occasionally short-tempered, Polite, and Submissive

Ailment[s]: Abandonment issues, Co-dependency issues, Selective Obliviousness

Likes/Interests: Robots, Sugar Cookies, His Plush Bear

Dislikes: Being forced into crossdressing or being called a "Shota", though he doesn't know what it means

Weakness: The mark/wound on his back is very sensitive

Useless Fact: He's very good with robots, maybe even better than he is with people... Then again, considering Ammika, that's no surprise.


Supporting Characters



First appeared in; Comic #2

Short Description: Kumimi is an abnormally deadpan Keroro character. She acts rather serious, but is actually good-humored and kind when she wants to be. She always has a white scarf with her to keep her 'other side' Shimama from taking over, though it's normally concealed so most aren't aware of this

Position: Ammika's previous sidekick/ex-sidekick

Age: 20 Physically/Chronologically (Keronian years), around 11 Mentally

Birthday: March 9th

Gender: Female

Personality: Serious, Can be grumpy, Stubborn, Clever, and Careful

Ailment[s]: N/A

Likes/Interests: Order, Electronics in general, and practicing her ninja moves

Dislikes: Kururu, Kururu, and... Kururu.

Weakness: N/A

Useless Fact: Her scarf has a flower pattern on it, no actual reason behind that



Background Characters


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